Recall Gavin 2020

BRWF is helping support the RecallGavin2020 campaign!

Visit the official Website for more information


If you are looking to be a part of this campaign to Recall Gavin Newsom, be sure to visit the site, or see the links to the right to be taken directly to pages on their site that will help you with this process.

Please keep track of the time spent on this campaign to report to our club at the next meeting!

Permanent Signing & Petition Drop Off Locations in Bakersfield:

*B & G Machine Welding – 3801 Gilmore
*Get A Gun – 3908 Patton
*Kern County Republican Party Office – 5329 Office Center Ct. #120
*One Stop Auto Care Center – 10130 Rosedale Hwy.
*San Joaquin Tractor – 1201 Union Avenue
*Southwest Veterinarian – 2905 Brundage Lane
*Sugardaddy’s – 5512 Stockdale Hwy.
*Valley Guns – 2728 Chester Avenue

Recall Gavin Actions

Read these instructions carefully before gathering signatures.  We want to make sure these signatures are counted!

Download the petition to RecallGavin2020

There is a leadership team for every county in California.  If you need help or have a question, click below to see to contact.

If you need some downloadable graphics for your petition gathering efforts, click below!

See the official list of top funders for this campaign